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Personalized services to address the needs of individuals with behavioral issues

Heart To Heart Behavioral Health Group Home provides a family-like environment for our residents with special needs. Our home offers several opportunities to receive quality care, counseling, life skills training, employment orientation, and more. With this program, we develop a unique and comprehensive care plan for each resident, hoping we can provide them with a glimpse of hope to face their future with self-esteem.

The following comprises our behavioral health programs:

  • Mental Health Counseling: Depression, Schizophrenia, Schizo-Affective Disorder, Bipolar, etc
  • Substance/Drug Abuse Counseling: Alcohol, Meth, Cocaine
  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Medication Management and Assistance in the Self-Administration of Medications
  • Individual/Group Counseling Sessions
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Education
  • Anger Management Sessions
  • Case Management
  • Coordination of Medically Necessary Services/Support
  • Public School Education Placement/Liaison Coordination
  • Educational Support, Tutoring, and Credit Recovery/GED
  • Family/Resident Permanency Counseling
  • Adult Daily Living Skills Training
  • Recreation/Leisure Activities
  • Supported Employment

For inquiries, please send a message on our contact form. Our team will be glad to address your concerns.