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Service Description:

A 24-hour day service that provides a safe and healthy living environment that meets the physical needs of an individual.

Service Goals:
  • To provide a residential environment that is dignified and “home-like,” ensuring a safe and healthy living arrangement and meeting the physical and emotional needs of the member.
Service Objectives:

Heart To Heart Behavioral Health Group Home shall ensure that the following objectives are met:

  1. Involvement of the member and the member’s representative in the furnishings/decor of the home and personal space and any necessary modifications to optimize independence and personal preferences. This shall also allow for reasonable and safe accommodation of the member’s personal belongings.
  2. A safe and healthy living environment that meets the physical and emotional needs of the member is culturally appropriate and is available to the member on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.
    1. An ongoing secondary use of the physical residence (e.g., day program, non-emergency respite center) is not appropriate unless (a) all residents or guardians of residents consent to such use, (b) the residence is zoned for the type of secondary use and has all of the requisite licensures and certifications, and (c) has been approved by the Division’s District Program Manager or designee.
  3. The nutritional maintenance for members served by planning, preparing, and providing nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks in accordance with the member’s needs and in conjunction with the member’s preference. Planning and preparation shall be consistent with generally accepted dietary basis with member participation. Menu planning will ensure that members receive three (3) nutritious meals per day and appropriate snacks in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) dietary guidelines.
  4. The provision of room and board services to members in residential settings where habilitation services are being provided in an ADHS-licensed DDD group home (i.e., group homes, nursing supported group homes, and community protection and treatment group homes).
  5. Heart To Heart Behavioral Health Group Home is paid for the room and board service with the following exceptions:
    1. When habilitation services are provided to members who are Native American and for whom their Tribe or Bureau of Indian Affairs has agreed to pay for the room and board services.
    2. When cost-share agreements are made by the Division with a behavioral health entity to pay for room and board services as part of “wrap-around” services for a member.
    3. For members who are receiving services under some other sources of funding
  6. Ensure that residential responsibilities are explained to members prior to service delivery. Member and staff responsibilities shall be identified as applicable to residential group home living. The Division uses the “lodging” standard that Americans expect when they stay at a motel: clean linens; bed; storage; safety; privacy; gentle accommodations such as telephone, television, radio, alarm clocks; and hygiene supplies.