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Driving to and from essential appointments safely and on time
Service Description:

A service that provides or assists in obtaining various types of transportation for specific needs.

This service provides non-emergency ground transportation as approved by the Division when public transportation is not already required by the service specification. There are two (2) types of transportation: 1) scheduled and 2) on-demand. “Scheduled” transportation is authorized when the Division member needs regular transportation to a day program service or an employment-related service. “On-demand” transportation is authorized when the member needs intermittent transportation to obtain an authorized service or fulfill a mandatory obligation in the member’s planning document [e.g., Individual Support Plan (“ISP”)].

Service Goals:
  • To increase or maintain self-sufficiency, mobility, and the community access of members.
Service Objectives:

Heart To Heart Behavioral Health Group Home shall ensure that the following objectives are met:

  1. Provide or arrange for transportation of the member to or from an ALTCS-covered service. This includes traveling to and from designated locations to pick up or drop off the member at specified times.
  2. Assist the member in entering and exiting the vehicle as necessary. Ensure that the method of transportation being utilized does not compromise the health and safety of the member.
  3. Schedule pick-up and drop off times so that the member does not have to wait more than twenty (20) minutes.
  4. Notify the member/member’s representative if the driver is twenty (20) or more minutes late or is unable to transport, and have a backup plan in case the scheduled driver or vehicle is unavailable.
  5. All methods of transportation allow for a two-way radio or a cellular phone that is adequate for the range of vehicle utilization.
  6. The vehicle in which the transportation is provided has valid vehicle registration and license plates and, at a minimum, the State of Arizona-required level of liability insurance.
  7. The vehicle is maintained in a safe and working order and is equipped with a working heating and air conditioning system and a first-aid kit.
  8. The vehicle is constructed for the safe transportation of the members. All seats are fastened to the body of the vehicle and members are properly seated when the vehicle is in operation. The vehicle has operational seat belts installed that are safe for passenger use. When transporting, members are securely fastened in age-appropriate and weight-appropriate restraints, as required by State law.
  9. Members with special mobility needs are provided transportation in a vehicle adapted to those needs as required to facilitate adequate access to service.
  10. If the vehicle is used to transport members in wheelchairs, it shall be equipped with floor-mounted seat belts and wheelchair lock-downs or comparable safety equipment for each wheelchair that it transports.
  11. Persons providing transportation are a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age and possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.
  12. Driving records of persons driving the transporting vehicle are reviewed periodically to ensure driver qualifications.
  13. Heart To Heart Behavioral Health Group Home’s Home and Community-Based Services (“HCBS”) certification includes transportation as a service.
  14. Sufficient staff is provided for the health and safety of all members being transported, including boarding and non-boarding supervision.